8 Genius Tricks to Get Rid of Flies for Good

How to get rid of flies

How do you get rid of flies in your house? Flies are annoying and gross, but not to worry, there are plenty of tricks to keep them out of your home. The best part? All you need is stuff you probably already have lying around your house!

Do you have an infestation of flies? Want to know how to get rid of flies from your house? The key is starting with prevention. Check out these ingenious tricks on how to keep houseflies away. Houseflies are often seen as harmless pests, but in reality they can carry over 250 different kinds of diseases!

How to Get Rid of Flies in or Outside Your House Quickly

What's good to get rid of flies and mosquitoes

Be wary, and be prepared so you don't become the victim. This post will show you 8 ways that work great. Whether you're inside or outside, there are ways that you can deter these pesky little guys. Are houseflies harmful? Keep reading and find out!

1) Natural Products

1. Cloves – Put four whole cloves in a jar and add just enough water to cover them. Close the lid and leave it out overnight. The aroma will keep flies away and the cloves can be reused again. Be sure that there are no kids or pets around when you're opening this jar!

2. Peppermint – Pour boiling water over fresh peppermint leaves and let it steep overnight on your countertop. Take a whiff when you wake up in the morning—you won't smell any flies nearby!

3. Soap – Save used dish soap bottles by adding more dish soap, filling them with water, securing the lid and then cutting a hole in the top large enough for flies but too small for pests like ants or mice to enter through.

2) DIY Anti-Fly Spray

There are a number of ways you can effectively get rid of flies from your home. Our favorite way is by making our own anti-fly spray that you simply have to spray around the room. You’ll need equal parts (1 part) rubbing alcohol and white vinegar in a spray bottle, and water with essential oils in a bowl or jar.

Start by adding about five drops (1 part) essential oil or citrus peel extract like grapefruit, lavender, peppermint, lemongrass, etc. into the jar or bowl with some water and mix it together before filling up the rest with water. Add that mixture to your spray bottle and mix them all together until they’re well combined.

3) Keep Your Home Clean

1. Open windows, turn on fans and air conditioners: House flies are unlikely to fly in when it’s cool, as they can’t take the cold temperature well. Open your doors and windows so that they will find it difficult to come inside your home, without being a nuisance.

2. Don’t pile up dirty dishes: If you don’t clean up all the food scraps you produce then house flies will start coming over and make your food their next meal destination. Do yourself a favor and clear off the counters and dishes at least once every day or two if possible.

3. Keep your trash cans covered tightly with plastic bags: Every time you bring out the trash from indoors, remember to cover it tightly with a plastic bag. These simple steps will go a long way in getting rid of flies in your home naturally.

4. Keep areas around windows free from clutter: The outdoors is where most flies enter houses through open windows and doors, so always keep the window screens un-torn and free from debris.

5. Spray citrus fruits peels near entry points: A great natural remedy against pesky houseflies is by spraying citrus fruit peels near entry points like doors and windows. They work as an effective bug repellent too!

4) Uninvite Them for Dinner

If you've got a fly problem and don't want to use chemicals, these natural deterrents will keep your house bug-free. To make one gallon of fly bait solution, take one tablespoon each of apple cider vinegar, dish soap, and canola oil in a quart jar.

Add 1 liter or 8 cups of warm water and shake well. Fill the spray bottle halfway with this solution, add the juice from 2 oranges, then fill the rest with water. Give it another shake before spraying it into the air in long streams that reach all corners of any room you want flies to avoid.

5) Replace Broken Windows

How do you get rid of flies? The best way is to get rid of the thing that attracts them: food and water. You can try the following methods, but before long, the flies will make their way back in unless you fix whatever is attracting them. Here are some ideas on how to do that:

  • Cover any open garbage cans or recycling bins with lids;
  • Clear away outdoor debris where flies are living;
  • Screen porches and replace broken windows;
  • Remove piles of mulch from gardens where flies like to congregate.

6) Block Entryways at Night

House flies will be attracted to any open spaces, such as doors and windows, which means that sealing up these areas is the first step in getting rid of flies in your house. You should also block off access points when possible.

For example, if you have an open door or window on the back porch that flies can get through at night, place a screen over it before bedtime so they don’t come inside. If you want to take this approach outside your home as well, you can staple screens over any windows and air conditioning units as well.

7) Eliminate Their Food Source

The first step in getting rid of flies is removing the food source. That might seem obvious, but people often forget that the flies will only go away if they have nothing left to eat. All that garbage near your entry points? Pick it up and get rid of it.

And keep all trash bags stored as far from your house as possible. Similarly, be sure you remove any other puddles or piles where flies can drink or gather and wait for new victims.

8) Sneak Attack

Some solutions might seem a little out there, but in the end who doesn't want flies gone for good? Below are a few ideas on how to get rid of house flies naturally that you can put into practice. If your dog isn't cooperative and helps catch too many flies already, then plant tulips near entrances, since they're a natural fly repellent.

1. Hang apple cider vinegar outdoors near points of entry such as window screens and doorways. Houseflies will avoid the smell. You can also combine this with sticking bamboo skewers in orange halves, as it emits an unpleasant odor that flies cannot stand.

2. Sprinkle ground cayenne pepper near any available point where you see houseflies buzzing around. They'll stay away from it quickly!


In order to successfully get rid of flies in your house, it's important that you tackle the root cause rather than just trying to kill the little pests. If flies are coming in from outside, it's a good idea to make sure you patch any openings or windows that they're coming through. If they're coming from inside your home, make sure you're disposing of garbage and trash properly. - FB & Garden Lot


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